About Us

Kensana Board of Directors Over 70 years of combined sector experience

Ken Clement

Ken Clement is the visionary Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Kensana Health, a pioneering force that has transformed the landscape of phytopharmaceuticals. Under Ken’s leadership Kensana Health has ascended to global prominence as an unrivaled authority in the development of Environmentally Modified Organisms (EMOs) and cutting-edge standardized growing techniques. Ken is beginning a new era in agricultural advancements.

In 2012, Mr. Clement developed a new sector in the Canadian phytopharmaceutical industry. His innovative thinking and trailblazing spirit guided the birth of plant standardization and ushered in the future of biological prescription drug registrations. In 2016, Mr. Clement grew his Canadian production facility by orchestrating a successful IPO with ABcann Global, at the time valued in excess of $400 Million Dollars.

Ken holds a distinguished chair at Guelph University’s esteemed Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility (CESRF), where revolutionary systems are harnessed to engineer optimal growth conditions for space exploration and the harshest environments on Earth. Research from the CESRF will be used to optimize Kensana’s standardized EMO growing techniques.

Ken’s journey extends beyond the corporate boundaries with his ownership of the Wellington Dukes Junior ‘A’ Hockey club. Under Ken’s leadership, the Duke’s have won their third OJHL championship and are one of the most sought after teams in the league.

Martin Wedel

Mr. Wedel is currently a member of the management board of Martin-Bauer Holding. Martin Bauer is a multi-billion dollar global company that specializes in the production and distribution of botanical ingredients for the food, beverage, and dietary supplement industries. They are a leading supplier of tea, herbal, and fruit infusions, as well as herbal extracts and raw materials. Mr. wedel is also the current CEO of Martin Bauer Supply Partners.

Mark Bresciano

Mr. Bresciano is a retired professional athlete now sitting on the board of Football Australia with a passion for physical body & health wellness and alternative therapies.

He has significant experience in business and property investment, negotiating key commercial terms and finalising transaction outcomes.

Mr. Bresciano has spent most of the last 8 years studying and engaging in the medical cannabis industry, attending industry seminars, forums, networking and legislative events.

Proven Techniques

Consistent standardized Environmentally Modified Organisms (EMOs) biological APIs of raw material within acceptable parameters +/- 10%.

Global Reach

Representation in Canada, Germany, Israel, USA, Malaysia, Australia and growing.

Financial Strength

Backed by powerful partners and internal financing.

Proprietary Intellectual Property

Extensive portfolio in skin integument. Drug discovery through standardized plant API’s

Long Term Vision

The future of medicine is phytopharmaceuticals. Kensana is positioned to become a worldwide leader in the wound management sector.

Powerful Partners

Kensana is a private biotech company partnered with a 90-year-old German multinational phytopharmaceutical company. The Nature Network®, Duopharma, VinSan Therapeutics, and more.