About Us

Kensana is:

  • Positioned to be a worldwide leader in the wound management sector.

  • A private biotech company partnered with a 90-year-old German multinational phytopharmaceutical company.

  • An executive team with over 70 years of combined sector experience.

  • Drug discovery through standardized plant API’s.

Our Keys to Success

Proven Techniques

Consistent standardized cannabinoid profiles of raw material within acceptable parameters +/- 10%

Global Reach

Representation in Canada, Germany, Israel, USA, Australia and growing.

Financial Strength

Backed by powerful partners and internal financing.

Proprietary Knowledge

Successfully produced standardized cannabinoid crops and generated proprietary recipes.

Long Term Vision

The future of medicine is phytopharmaceuticals.

Powerful Partners

The Nature Network®, Metro Pain Clinic, Prof. Dr. Vincent Maida, and more.

Geographical Focus and Key Countries to Start