Production and Drug Development

EU GMP Production

Australian Production facility in process

University of Guelph developed grow chambers used by NASA

Utilizing Photon Systems Instruments hyperspectral cameras

We have achieved a standard deviation within 10% of all plant compounds

EU GMP API Validation

Ongoing Research

Plant Research

Partnering with Universities to develop unique process validation and generate IP utilizing our unique growing methods.

MyPlantBio is working to determine unique properties and benefits of specific strains and related disease indications

Medical Research

Dedi Meiri is at the forefront of medical cannabis research and works closely with our team

Cannasoul is working to clinically trial new delivery methods

Trial beginning in Australia of Cannabalance OTC CBD products

Our partner Fidelio Health has a proven track record of strengthening the business and scientific aspects of drug product development

Drug Development

Licensing microencapsulation technology for API enhancement and improved delivery and onset of medicines.

ECS Diagnostics being developed

ECS Clinics operating in Australia

Kensana Key, patient onboarding platform

A CBD OTC Product line being developed

Pharmaceutical compounding