Kensana Health Companies

VinSan Therapeutics

VinSan Therapeutics Inc. (VSI) is the world leader, discoverer, and original inventor/innovator of Intellectual property for the development of Topical Cannabis-Based Medicines for Integumentary (cutaneous & mucous membranes) and Wound Management.


PhytoGro’s goal is to transform how phytosubstances are developed, grown, manufactured and administered via medicinal-based delivery platforms to a pharmaceutical grade standard to revolutionize healthcare outcomes.

P3 Collective

P3Collective has specialized in the development of phytopharmaceuticals and relies on a network of national and international partners. The integrated supply chain is built on our values ​​and beliefs. We supply our customers worldwide with high-quality certified products.

University Partners

University of Guelph
  • University Website link

  • Professor Michael Dixon, School of Environmental Sciences link

  • Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility link

La Trobe University

Partners we work with

Photon Systems Instruments

Professional Instruments for Plant Science and Algae Biotechnology

Fidelio Healthcare

FIDELIO Healthcare is a broad-based European contract manufacturer (CDMO, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Commitment and decades of experience set them apart and enable them to act like a specialized center of excellence. From product development to delivery of goods they are we a reliable partner with the highest quality standards and certified for all important export countries worldwide with special experience in the area of GMP Certification and Narcotics regulatory environment.

Europlant Group

Europlant Group develops and produces effective and safe liquid herbal pharmaceuticals and medicinal teas based on premium-quality active ingredients. We operate a distribution network for our products via pharmacies in Central and Eastern Europe. Our activity centres in particular around the sales markets of Russia, Poland, the Ukraine and Romania . With own local production and distribution companies, we can guarantee proximity to our customers and gain their trust for decades.


The healing power of plants – harnessed here

Where state of the art meets revered tradition. Since 1875, we have served as a reliable, steadfast partner to renowned pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, producing active botanical ingredients of the highest quality. This is always done in a spirit of trust, collaboration and mutual respect – between customers, suppliers and our employees


For over 25 years, PhytoLab has provided comprehensive lab and consulting services on herbal health products, herbal and fruit infusions, food supplements, dietary foods, medicinal products and animal nutrition.

Rhenac Green Tec

RHENAC GreenTec AG develops and produces innovative LED lighting systems for a wide range of applications such as plant research and production, care systems for lawn sports facilities and flexible lighting in architecture.


PHARMAPLANT GmbH is a modern contract research and development company that provides solutions to complex problems with plant raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfume, seasoning, and novel food industries.