Kensana Health is pleased to announce that the company has completed the acquisition of CANNect Group, taking Kensana Health one step closer to complete vertical integration in the phytopharmaceutical market. The ownership of CANNect Group will allow Kensana Health access to its own unique technological education platform, pharmacies, doctors, and clinics for distribution of their plant-based medications to patients throughout Australia.

CANNect Group owns an in-house patient management and data collection platform called CANNect™. The CANNect™ platform enables prescribers of novel therapeutic agents such as cannabinoids to:

  • Monitor patients in-between and post consultations – with real individual patient data • Reduces patient drop-off by optimizing patient titration and outcome
  • Gather clinical scores on a range of cognitive and therapeutic indicators
  • Manage and avoid “red-flag” patient medication events
  • Aggregate and analyze patient cohort data across a range of levels as part of a ongoing clinical study – local, prescriber specific or as a national data set
  • Generate & submit regulatory permits with the click of a button
  • Transmit prescriptions only to CANNect-member Pharmacists, who have undergone specific additional training and who have medications in-stock for optimized patient convenience.
  • Develop and enhance ongoing prescribing and education guidelines based on real-time data

Given the nature of chronic disease in the 21st century, and the lifelong journey that patients have with their medicine, CANNect has developed a unique patient advocacy or “support” program in which trained nurses assist new patients onboard and titrate their medicines.

This complementary program:

  • Greatly enhances patient return visitation to their doctor
  • Creates a relationship between Kensana Health (as the manufacturer) and the patient. This is virtually absent in traditional Pharma manufacturing models and allows Kensanato target patients with product enhancements and new options over their life journey of chronic disease.
  • Developed  an accredited Royal Australia College of Physicians course on prescribing medical cannabis.
  • Developed a digital platform capable of communicating data- including prescription permits and outcomes- between the patient, physician clinics, pharmacist and government bodies
  • Completed a 287 patient longitudinal post-marketing clinical study
  • Achieved a self-reported reduction in opioids in 2/3 of patients
  • Produced significant improvements to pain, sleep and general quality of life indicators

The CANNect Platform will make prescribing medicinal cannabis and other plant compounds safe, convenient and simple. It will enable doctors to monitor individual patient progress on a secure platform. It will also assist physicians in completing the necessary government authorizations for prescribing such medications. Further, it will collect patient data in various ways to aide in ongoing clinical studies regarding the efficacy of treatment methods and medicines. CANNect will offer direct medical support to patients via Patient Advocates who will remain in contact with patients for the first 90 days of treatment. They will answer patient questions on medications, formula and titration steps. Patient Advocates will distribute surveys so both the prescribing physician and the patient can monitor the results of the treatment.

This platform will fully support a physician’s journey in improving patient outcomes with therapeutic cannabinoid treatments.