We hereby announce the rebranding of our holding company PRM Inc. as Kensana Health. The rebranding applies to all our activities and public channels. This also includes the use of our new Kensana Health logo.

Kensana Retina Logo

We chose the name to give our partners, clients, and customers a better understanding of what our company is doing and our team a brand and a
background story they can better relate to. “Ken” mean “to know” in Scottish. In Latin, “sana” translate to “health”. “Kensana” literally means “to know health”. This tagline will accompany our brand name. With the new brand, we want to emphasize our vision to revolutionize plant-based healthcare for the 21st century.

Traditional medicine has advanced tremendously over the past few decades. However, there are still a lot of people for whom there is no adequate treatment available. On the other hand, the great potential that lies in natural and plant-based medicines has been neglected and forgotten over time.

It is Kensana Health’s goal to resolve the shortcomings of traditional medicine in areas like pain management, and wound treatment by developing and providing natural alternatives. We believe that medicines derived from plants can be more effective with less harmful side effects than single compound medications that are currently used in modern medicine.

Kensana Health has overcome the hurdle of stably obtaining and producing APIs from plants. Thanks to our unique growing and processing techniques, we are able to reliably create standardized medicines out of plants that fit the demands and expectations of the 21st century.

To provide the scientific evidence that is required to successfully establish plant-based medicine as a viable treatment option, we conduct extensive research. It is our aim to fully understand how plant-based medicines can help to improve physical and mental conditions and therefore improve overall wellbeing.

To us, collaboration is key. Therefore, we built an extensive network of experts, researcher, companies, and investors that are leading in the field around the world. We share our passion and our knowledge with our partners. To do research and to develop plant-based medicines that impact people’s lives in a positive way.