Research Breakthrough research by a worldclass team.

Working to discover powerful new Medical treatments

  • Development of full-spectrum micro-encapsulation technology.

  • Promising early signs in targeting specific cancers using unique phyto-compounds, in preparation for human trials.

  • Specific Gene Pathway research could open the door to additional future indications.

Cutting Edge Research

Diverse research covering every step from the plant to the patient.

  • Compound Identification

  • Disease Indications

  • Formulation Research

“The majority of new drugs (70 percent) introduced in the US are derived from natural products, primarily plants.”

– Newman, D.J., & Cragg, G.M. (2016). Natural products as sources of new drugs from 1981 to 2014. Journal of natural products, 79(3), 629-661

Research Partners


  • Currently positioning itself to be at the forefront of plant research and development with multiple educational establishments around the world.

  • Internal research projects to identify efficacy of phyto-substances for several symptoms.

  • Entered into discussions with potential customers for P3’s products for initial orders with CANNect in Australia.

LaTrobe University

  • Upon completion of Kensana’s flagship manufacturing facility, LaTrobe’s Agribio hub will conduct several experiments involving plant growth.

University of Guelph

  • Subsidiary PhytoGro Inc. sponsors research chair at the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph.

  • This $1,000,000 sponsorship will support research efforts in many areas of plant science to further enhance our understanding of plant growth in an array of different environments.

  • Train high calibre graduate and undergraduate students who will become tomorrow’s leaders for the industry.