Kensana Wound Management


Wound management needs to change.

Wound management has been stagnant for decades. After 6 months of current best practice, healing is seen in less than 50% of the world’s intractable wounds (Maida et al, 2021). Chronic wounds are major drivers of serious global healthcare trends, including opioid crisis and proliferation of antibiotic “superbugs”

The WHO states chronic wounds are a “Major Global Public Health Crisis”, affecting up to 6% of the population.

Despite 3000 types of dressings, there is no product that consistently heals chronic wounds like venous leg ulcers, diabetic wounds and pressure ulcers (Dhivya et al, 2015).

Patient outcomes with current best practice:

  • Years of unsuccessful treatments

  • Removal from society (smell, shame)

  • Over 100,000 amputations globally each year

  • Increased likelihood of death

Our unique approach creates invaluable results.

The endocannabinoid system is implicated in nearly every single body system, including the biggest, heaviest, and most ubiquitous – the Integumentary System. Chronic wounds are pathologic states marked by dysregulation of the integumentary endocannabinoid system.

Kensana Health’s proprietary oral and topical treatments involving the enhancement of endocannabinoid functionality work in ways previously not seen in wound management:

  • Restores normal wound healing cascade

  • Decreases Wound-related pain

  • Reduced opioid use

  • Easy to apply

  • Non-invasive

  • Well tolerated

What was ‘Non-healing’ is now ‘Complete wound closure’.

A series of experiments were conducted with a variety of previously non-healing patients who had been treated (unsuccessfully) with the current gold standard for 6 months or more prior to their Kensana Health treatment.

Our proprietary treatments achieved over 80% complete wound closure. For instance, in patients with previously non-healing venous leg ulcers this result was achieved in a median 34 days (Maida et al, 2021). Additionally, complete healing was shown in our first target, calciphylaxis, a rare disease with up to 80% mortality within 12 months.

The exceptional results of Kensana Health’s First-In-Human trials provide unique insights into impending results of regulatory-controlled trials.

Calciphylaxis Statistics
Diabetes Statistics
 Kensana Health TreatmentAnalgesic DressingsAntimicrobial AgentsBiologically Active Agents

Improve blood flow to wound

Promotes vasodilation

Restore normal healing

Dampen hyperinflammatory state

Enhance stem cell regeneration





Analgesic effects

Relief of wound-related pain

Antimicrobial effects

Reduces infection risk

Innovative Approach to Phytopharmaceuticals

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the problems with an unreliable supply chain. Kensana Health, from its beginnings, was built with a vertically-integrated model.

Internally controlling all aspects of the supply chain, from harvesting GMP-grade APIs from plants, produced in a cutting-edge environmentally-controlled cultivation system, through to our extraction and FDA-compliant GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Our shared vision and strategic partnership with MB-Holding enables us to complete our vertical integration.

Our Wound Management Experts

Assoc. Professor Vincent Maida MD MSc BSc CCFP(PC) FCFP ABHPM FRCP(cand)

Dr. Maida is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and Chief Medical Scientist at Kensana Health after their acquisition of VinSan Therapeutics Inc.

Dr. Maida’s clinical accolades include:

2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

2019 Order of the City of Vaughan

Peer-reviewed author and international speaker within palliative medicine, cannabinoid medicine and wound management

Professor Marco Romanelli MD PhD

Dr. Romanelli was the Past-President of World Union of Wound Healing Societies and Coordinator of the ‘Task Force in Wound Healing’ inside the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

He has been a part of several editorial boards including:

Wound Repair and Regeneration, Wounds, Journal of Tissue Viability, Journal of Wound Care, International Journal of Lower Extremities Wounds, Wounds Medicine

Deep and Broad Protection Treating the Integumentary System

Kensana Health has a strong leadership position being first in the field with a broad portfolio of patent applications and trade secrets involving cannabinoid therapies in wound management. Following the acquisition of VinSan Therapeutics in 2021, Kensana Health’s IP has the earliest priority date, with a broad scope of IP, covering both wound and integument.

Kensana Health is set to create a paradigm shift in wound management.


Dhivya, S., Padma, V.V. and Santhini, E., 2015. Wound dressings–a review. BioMedicine, 5(4), pp.1-5.

Maida, V., Shi, R.B., Fazzari, F.G.T. and Zomparelli, L.M., 2021. Topical Cannabis‐Based Medicines–A Novel Adjuvant Treatment for Venous Leg Ulcers: An Open‐Label Trial. Experimental Dermatology.